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Name Anarkis Carrier Commands (ACC)
Game X3 Reunion
Type Script
Version 1.40
Status Final


This script adds various commands for TL and M1 class ships to simplify the handling of the docked ships. It will allow you to mass assign an homebase to your docked fighters, to launch offensive and defensive fighter wings and to easily resupply your ships and carrier.

Those commands will be added in the “General” command menu and the additional command slots of all your M1 and TL.

Fresh Installation

  1. Unrar in your X3 Reunion installation folder
  2. Launch X3
  3. If not already done, activate the script editor (change the name of the player to 'Thereshallbewings')
  4. Done !


  1. Unpack in your X3 Reunion installation folder
  2. Launch X3
  3. Done :)


  1. Go in your “scripts” folder and remove “setup.anarkis.carrier.xml”
  2. Done !

Common Error

If the script doesn't seems to work (no new commands for your carrier) try the following :

  1. Run the save game.
  2. Initialize the Script Editor
  3. Open the script editor (Y Enter S)
  4. Choose 'Reinit Script Caches'
  5. Save the game.
  6. Restart from the new Save


 (+) Feature : Improved "Battle Tactics"
 (+) Feature : Allow to set turret orders for the docked ships
 (*) Fix : Now prevents the "auto.carrier" order from beeing run on [playership]
 (*) Fix : Updated some files, should fix some basic errors

 (+) Feature : Improve Set Homebase
 (*) Fix : Ships don't restore shields when docked
 (+) Feature: [equip.docked] should install wares
 (+) Feature: The player should be allowed to set the minimal threat level
 (*) Fix: Ships teleported in the Kingdom End
 (*) Fix: ACC should not use ships without the proper homebase set
 (*) Fix: Retreat for attacking ship doesn't work properly
 (*) Fix: Shortcut keys aren't working
 (*) Fix: Trading commmands need some tuning

 (+) Feature: The carrier should use correct class of ship for each task
 (+) Feature: Allow the [auto.carrier] command to be run on a NPC ship
 (*) Fix: [auto.carrier] displaying unwanted warning messages
 (*) Fix: In some occasions [attack.wing] doesn't recall fighters
 (*) Fix: [dock.all.ships] order doesn't always execute itself correctly 

 (*) Docking bug should finally be fixed. My apologies.

 (+) set.homebase : Now using a nicer ship name formating
 (+) Auto.carrier : Improved a little.
 (+) Added German language (thanks to Unknown object 003)
 (*) Corrected a bug causing issues with turrets on both the carrier and the ships
 (*) Corrected a bug preventing the carrier from displaying a warning message.

 (+) Shortcut keys when the playership is a carrier to clean sector, and recall fighters.
 (+) Info popup for script first run and update added.
 (+) Single/Multiple sector patrols added to fighter class ships
 (+) New carrier order : Command to edit battle tactics for your fighters.

v1.01 - Official Egosoft Release
 (+) The Fight Software Mk2 is needed to activate the commands
 (+) Textfiles updated
 (*) Last small issues fixed
v1.0 - Official Release
 (+) Clean.Sector: damaged attack ships will try to dock at the carrier.
 (+) Clean.Sector: Low shield defense ships will try to dock at the carrier.
 (+) Auto.Carrier: Threat level added for TL (14) and M5 (1)
 (+) Auto.Carrier: damaged ships will try to dock at the carrier.
 (*) Auto.Carrier: fixed a bug preventing ships from docking at the carrier
 (*) Auto.Carrier: fixed a bug that could display unwanted messages.

v0.9 - Third Beta Release
 (+) Automate.Carrier command added
 (+) French language support added
 (*) Corrected textfile
 (*) Small bugfixes

v0.7 - Second Beta Release
 (+) Ships are now using fleet formations and are much more effective
 (+) Attack.Wing has been improved a lot. 
 (+) Defense.Wing has been improved a lot.
 (+) hull damage limit for attack ships has been increased to 80%
 (+) Added a command to automatically dock all ships
 (+) Info screens added
 (*) Various small bugfixes

v0.5 - Initial Beta Release
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