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Name Yaki Armada
Game X3:TC, X3:AP
Type AL Plugin
Version build 210
Status Alpha


Yaki Armada will make the Yaki faction more interesting.

It will spawn a configurable amount of Yaki mobile bases (TL or M1) equipped with a jumpdrive and filled with Yaki Fighters. Each carrier run a script that allows it to do various things as sending a squadron to attack a factory, a TS, a TL, or a defense ship. AI of those carriers has been improved so they can defend themselves when attacked and flee when in real danger. They will also repair, rearm and refuel at any pirate base when needed. Destroyed carriers will of course respawn after a random while.

The plugin also allows you to communicate with Yaki ships and Mobile Base using the ECS library. Helping yaki ships will give you money and good reputation with this faction. The player is also able to join the Yaki Guild by contacting Yaki Mobiles Bases via ECS, if his reputation is high enough and have the required 50.000 credits, unlocking missions and various additional features.

Yaki Armada for X3:TC and X3:AP is in Alpha. Some features are missing.

Main Features

  • Take advantage of new X3:TC Yaki M1 and TL ships
  • Ability for the player to befriend the Yaki faction or to hunt them down
  • Can spawn Yaki Equipment Docks
  • Yaki Mobile Bases attacking enemy sectors and rearming at the Pirate Bases
  • Improved carrier artificial intelligence
  • Fully compatible with custom ships and maps
  • The player gain additional money for the destruction of the Yaki Armada's assets

Install and Uninstall


  1. Unzip / Install in your X3:TC folder (should be already done by now)
  2. Run X3 and load your save game (or start a new game, as you wish)
  3. Go to the Artificial Life setting menu ( [Esc] / General / Artifical Life)
  4. Locate “Yaki Armada: Nomadic Pirate Tribe” and set it to TRUE
  5. A menu will appear to configure the plugin the way you like. Press [Esc] when done
  6. A window will appear when the loading is completed
  7. Don't forget to set a keyboard shortcut to communicate with Yaki ships

Note: YA automatically set your game to “Modified” to enable the script engine so you do not need to rename your game character to use Yaki Armada. If you do not want this feature, delete the !init.anarkis.modified.xml file in your script folder.


  1. Run X3:TC, load your savegame
  2. Go to the Artificial Life setting menu ( [Esc] / General / Artifical Life)
  3. Locate “Yaki Armada: Nomadic Pirate Tribe” and set it to FALSE
  4. Wait until a window appear
  5. Save your game
  6. Done !

Note : You can also delete all files related to YA (when you've uninstalled the plugin properly), simply run the uninstall yaki armada batch file in you X3 folder to do so.

Extended Communication System

To replace the non scriptable communication system from X3 I have included an alternative system to comm with pirate ships and stations through a hotkey. Once the plugin has been enabled, go to [controls] / [extensions] scroll down to [interface] and set a key for “ECS: Extended Comm. System”. This done, target a Yaki station or ship and press the key to comm with it (at less than 25km).

Known Glitches

  • Sometimes carriers stand still waiting for a slow / far away fighter to dock in.
  • Guild Ranking isn't included.
  • All ECS dialogs with motherships are unlocked no matter your current relation
  • Motherships will ignore player assets no matter the notoriety.

Version History

Test build 210

  • Fixed : Major bug causing the carriers to idle indefinitely near a Yaki station
  • Fixed : Several bugs related the carrier AI and docking
  • Fixed : Several issues in the libraries
  • Fixed : French translation

Test build 205

  • Compatibility check 2.7.1
  • Fixed : The good old “zombie” docking bug has been corrected hopefully
  • Fixed : Docking of fighter ships somewhat improved.
  • Fixed : Some holes in the mothership logic
  • Fixed : ADS glitch causing carrier to be renamed like a standard ADS fighter
  • Fixed : Window not closing after the player has accepted to help a yaki pilot

Test build 200 - Comparative to X3:Reunion version 1.08

  • Fully rewritten from scratch (faster, smaller, smarter :p)
  • Using ECS 2.5 to handle communications
  • Yaki News Networks using ECS Newsfeed
  • Can spawn an Equipement Dock if a yaki shipyard is found without Eq.Dock
  • Now using all possible M1 and TL yaki ships as mobile bases
  • Targets are easier to locate, their name will blink
  • Yaki ships gain skill killing people
  • Take advantage of the new X3:TC menu and 'subtitle' system
  • Ability for the player to configure the plugin the way he likes
  • Possible signal issues with other scripts cleared
  • Better use of jumpdrive
  • More weapon and missile variations
  • Fixed : Yaki ships going to Kingdom End in mass
  • Fixed : Attack of invincible/plot objects
  • Most of the mission and guild system not yet included
  • Camouflage Device removed
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