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v2.65 - Barracks and Menu Overhaul (Stable)
 (+) [Automated Defense System] General settings added
 (+) [Commands - Carriers and ships] Allows automated mode on the playership
 (+) [Commands - Carriers and ships] Marine Barracks (training and repairs)
 (+) [Defense Grid] Defense Grid ships jump to the nearest gate from the threat
 (+) [Defense Grid] A message can be displayed when a sector protected by the grid is under attack
 (*) [Defense Grid] Bad carrier management
 (*) [Defense Grid] Defense Grid unable to use ships who don't have orders
 (+) [Menu System] Menu Overhaul
 (*) [Menu System] Pressing the manager hotkey several times shouldn't trigger several menu
 (*) [Menu System] Inaccurate threat level diplayed on the Defense Grid Manager

v2.60 - Defense Grid Beta
 (+) [Commands - Carriers and ships] Add a selection menu to attack / defend wing orders
 (+) [Commands - Carriers and ships] ADS should handle carriers able to dock big ships better
 (+) [Automated Defense System] Implement the Defensive Grid system 
 (+) [Menu System] Defense Grid menu for the ADS Manager
 (*) [Commands - Carriers and ships] Docking order not always using the Transporter Device

v2.55 - Superbox Release (Stable)
 (+) Compatibility check with X3TC 2.7.1 done
 (+) New "ADS Manager" Menu System
 (+) Now uses the ECS library (included)
 (+) Added ECS newsfeed displaying recent alerts
 (+) Added uninstaller
 (+) More efficient default settings for stations
 (+) The "Defend Wing" order is more efficient at protecting the target.
 (+) Lib: Ion disruptor weapon probability reduced to 1/3 [anarkis.lib.armturret]
 (*) Fixed : Manually renamed ships are reset to default after a carrier command [2.05]
 (*) Fixed : Ships on "Defend Wing" order ignoring the "dock all" command [2.10]
 (*) Fixed : "Hull check" task  slow down the "Dock All" procedure
v2.50 - Stable Release [YA Release]
 (+) Polish translation added (thanks to BlueBerry SheWolf and Yacek)
 (+) Compatibility with NPC ships
 (+) Libraries upgraded, may improve CPU usage and correct some trivial bugs

V2.10 - Stable Release
 (+) Ability for the auto.carrier/station to wait before docking ships (idea from Marodeur and Ezra)
 (+) While waiting, ship wings will regroup around the carrier / station
 (+) Target selection mechanism improved so you won't have far away wings doing nothing
 (*) Fixed : The "Audio" alert message was delaying the carrier response to threat
 (*) Fixed : Bug preventing the biggest wing to protect endangered carrier in some situations
 (*) Fixed : Debug log was enabled by default

v2.05 - Stable Release
 (+) Automated Carrier / Station Defense logic is more efficient
 (+) New carrier command : Sell Wares
 (+) New carrier command : Buy Wares
 (+) Rewritten management menu
 (+) Improved library making ADS easier to use in 3rd party plugins
 (*) Fixed : Issues with wing number in Auto Mode (no more duplicate / null wings)
 (*) Fixed : Minor text issues
 (*) Fixed : TS/TP.. ships with the carrier as homebase were put into it when using a Dock All order
v2.01 - ADS Library update
 (+) Can now be used on any dock owned by the player
 (+) Wings dispatched by the AutoStation/AutoCarrier command are a bit more clever
 (+) This script can now be used as a library to enable ADS in a 3rd party script/plugin
 (+) Biggest wing sent will favor attacking big ships if any
 (*) Fixed : Rare docking bug

v2.00 - Initial Release (comparative to ACC 1.41 for X3 Reunion)
 (+) Uses the new menu system
 (+) You can now hire mechanics to repair the docked ships and the carrier
 (+) Improved mass renaming and mass homebase assignement
 (+) Allows to setup docked ships in mass (auto/emergency jump, missile, turrets, ...)
 (+) Handle MARS turret script if installed
 (+) Allows to select what ships will be used by the Auto.Carrier command
 (+) More options to setup the auto.carrier command (radar range, targeting mode)
 (+) Auto.Carrier battle AI has been improved
 (+) Easy transfert of wares between the carrier and its ships
 (+) Ships fly in formation
 (+) Ships will take advantage of the transporter device if installed
 (+) Menu to locate your carriers running ACC
 (+) You can copy ACC settings to all your carriers at once
 (+) Additional shortcuts (attack wing, setup carriers)
 (+) Auto update added (you won't need to reset auto-carriers anymore)
 (+) Dynamic ship naming when performing commands
 (*) Fixed : Minor turret issue
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