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Here's the few development arcs for ADS

Improved Standard Commands

In general, catapult launching method could be integrated and fighters beaming improved. It will be reserved for fighter class ships. So, if the carrier dock some M6 or TS, those will still have to dock/undock manually.

Buy / Sell orders

The Buy and Sell logic use too much ships and those commands are far from being efficient. Also, a quick save/restore settings could be helpful here.

ADS Manager

More commands should be added (including everything ADS related) to the ADS manager. Fighter manager UI has to be improved. All ship class should be accessible as an option. Specific Manager only commands could be added, the main advantage about that is that they won't use a command slot.

Carrier / Station Setup Menu

It should be moved inside the Manager, so i can remove it from being used as an Additional Command Slot.

Docked Ship Management

The Setup Carrier screen is outdated and should be merged with the ADS Manager. The fighter list should be more informative, and gives access to ship manager for the selected ship.

Optional Currently Selected Ship
Change Status <current>
Open Control Panel
Main Menu
Rename Ships
Change Homebase Settings
Setup Docked Ships
Docked Ship List
[Hull+Shield] Name (Class) - Status
Away Ship List
[Location] [Hull+Shield] Name (Class) - Orders - Status

The Active / Inactive tag should be replaced by something more flexible:

  • Inactive - The ship is never used by ADS
  • Trader - Used for manual Buy and Sell commands
  • Fighter - Used for manual Attack and Defend commands
  • Active - This ship can always be used by ADS

Basic Automated Mode support for docked M6 and M7 as wing leaders and carrier escorts on mods with custom docking bays.

Automated Mode

Targeting Mode should be changed to Combat Style

  • Offensive - It will actively attack ships he sees as enemy even if not hostiles. Attack of stations allowed if no other threat available.
  • Defensive - The automated mode will only attack ships that are considering you as an enemy. It won't attack stations.
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