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Here are the technical information related to my plugins. They can be used to ensure compatibility between your scripts and mine.


  • Tasks between 890 and 900 (included) are reserved by my plugins on any ship or station.
  • Text/PageID between 8510 and 8520 (included) are reserved by my plugins
  • You can prevent my plugins from interacting in with an object by setting a local variable anarkis.skipme to TRUE on it
  • My scripts should be compatible with most mods and handle custom ships and weaponry
  • Ships created by my plugins have a local variable set to true to spot them.
  • My ships have the lv.jtp.block local variable set to TRUE (compatibility with RRF).
  • My plugins are using the new add/remove additional signal commands, you should do the same.

Pirate Guild

  • The plugin needs at least one pirate owned sector to works at all, the more sectors the better.
  • The plugin needs at least one Pirate Base ingame to works correctly, and here again the more, the better.
  • You can check the global variable anarkis.pirate.plugin to see if PG is currently enabled
  • Scripts that are messing with the relation to the pirate faction aren't compatible

Anarkis Defense System - Command Slots

  • General (830) - ANARKIS_SETDOCKED
  • General (831) - ANARKIS_SELLWARES
  • General (832) - ANARKIS_BUYWARES
  • General (834) - ANARKIS_ATTACKWING
  • General (835) - ANARKIS_CLEANSECTOR
  • General (836) - ANARKIS_DOCKALL
  • Additional Slot (1237) - ANARKIS_SETTACTICS
  • Additional Slot (1238) - ANARKIS_AUTOCARRIER
  • Station Slot (1137) - ANARKIS_SETUPSTATION
  • Station Slot (1138) - ANARKIS_STATIONDEFENSE

Local Variables

Here is a list of most local variables used by my plugins and their usages. There's quite a bunch and one of my projects is to get something a bit more unified, but given the insane amount of bugs it could cause and the fact that i'd need to change all my scripts at the same time, it's a very low priority job.

All Scripts

  • anarkis.job - Used to check the current job of a ship.
  • anarkis.mission - Tag objects/targets of a mission (the value depends of the mission)
  • anarkis.skipme - Tag this object for it to be ignored by all my plugins.

Anarkis Defense System

  • anarkis.acc.ship - Tag ships used by ADS carriers and stations in Automated Mode
  • anarkis.acc.skipme - Prevent a ship from being used by ADS AutoMode (mainly used by PG and YA)
  • - Tag ships members of the Defense Grid
  • - Ships currently battling for the grid have this flag set

Khaak Patrols

  • anarkis.khaak - All KP assets have this variable

Pirate Guild

  • anarkis.pirate - All PG related assets have this variable
  • anarkis.pirate.cmd - current orders of a ship (used to restore wing settings on leader death)
  • anarkis.pirate.hunter - Tag bounty hunters
  • anarkis.pirate.reward - Put on PG ships, current reward for the destruction of this ship
  • anarkis.pirate.targetship - tag targets of the Guild / Missions

Yaki Armada

  • anarkis.yaki - All YA assets have this variable
  • anarkis.flag.return - Used to prevent the zombie docking bug when not using ADS
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