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Keyboard Commands

These are the default pre-set keys used in Unending Galaxy after installation. You can tweak and change them to your liking though, so create the setup that suits you best!

Movement Key
Accelerate W
Decelerate S
Turn Left A
Turn Rate D
Ship Commands Key
Fire Weapons Mouse Right
Interact E
Scan Q
Use Jumpdrive J
Ship Inventory and Settings X
Switch player ship C
Active Pause Z
User Interface and Camera Key
Toggle Empire Manager F1
Toggle Asset List F2
Toggle Galactic Map F3
Toggle Sector Info Panel F4
Toggle Sector Map [tab]
Zoom In/Out [page up] / [page down] / mouse wheel
Center camera on target T
Reset camera on player ship R
Pause / Game Menu [Esc]
Quick Save F5
Quick Load F9
Selection and Control Groups Key
Select Any Object Mouse Left
Select Nearest Enemy [space]
Select all in current sector [+]
Select all military in current sector [ctrl]+[+]
Select none [-]
Bookmark An Asset [ctrl]+[space]
Select Control Group 1-10 [1] to [0]
Add to Control Group 1-10 [shift] + [1] to [0]
Set Control Group 1-10 [ctrl] + [1] to [0]
Give Orders Key
Attack Current Target K (with [shift] to queue)
Patrol current location P (with [shift] to queue)
Attack all hostiles Numpad 0 (with [shift] to queue)
Halt / Stop H
Follow Me F (with [shift] to queue)
Move [right click] on sector and galactic maps
Attack-Move [ctrl]+[right click] on sector map
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