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Not all sectors in Unending Galaxy are the same. The map is made by clusters of sectors (solar systems) linked by lanes of (relatively) empty space. Sectors in a solar systems tend to be much more valuable from an economic standpoint as they can house more stations. However empty sectors in lanes between systems are interesting from a military perspective as they can be used as a choke-point against enemy fleets without too much risk of collateral damage.

Planets and suns are not only background pictures, they have a direct influence on how valuable is a system to you and to other factions. Planets can be colonized for additional profit.

Planet types and Colonies

So far there are 8 different planet types:

Planet Occurrence Manpower Supported Colony
Desert Uncommon 50 not agriculture
Gas Giant Very Common 0 Industrial
Ice World Rare 50 Science, Industrial, Military
Jungle World Rare 80 All
Oceanic Rare 50 Agriculture, Science
Rocky Very Common 50 Industrial, Military, Science
Temperate Uncommon 100 All
Volcanic Uncommon 10 Industrial, Military

Each faction has a favorite planet type that grant it an additional +150 bonus to Manpower.

Each planet can house a colony which grant additional bonuses and that will support a given amount of factories in the sector:

Colony Manpower Taxes Ship Parts Parts Factories Other Factories
None 0 0 0 0 +1
Agriculture 300 0 0 0 +2
Balanced 100 1.000 credits/min 0 +1 +2
Habitation 0 2.000 credits/min 0 +1 +2
Industrial 0 0 2 parts/min +2 +3
Military 150 0 2 parts/min +2 +1
Science 0 0 0 +1 +3

Additionally, if a planet is considered the capital of a given solar system, it grants another +250 bonus to Manpower, +1 of each factory type, 2.500credits/min taxes, and +1 parts/min. Also note that a basic empty sector supports 2 standard factories by default. The capital is also the only place where shipyards and warpgates can be built.

Here's an example: A capital temperate planet with a balanced economy owned by faction favoring such planets will grant in total the following:

Manpower Taxes Ship Parts Parts Factories Other Factories
600 3.500 credits/min 1 parts/min 2 total 5 total

Actual values have yet to be balanced, and will most likely change during development.


Suns provide energy to support a given amount of Solar Power Plants. The exact amount depends on the sun but it's usually between 4 and 8 factories. It's usually not possible to build any other factory type there.


Asteroids can be mined directly by ships with mining lasers, however it's also possible for a faction to build ore mines in such sectors. The amount of ore mines a sector can support depends on the density of the asteroid field:

  • Very Low : 1 mines
  • Low : 3 mines
  • Medium : 5 mines
  • High : 6 mines
  • Very High : 8 mines

Asteroid fields reduces the amount of standard factories you can place in the sector by one.

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