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Unending Galaxy features a large panel of ships and weapons to choose from. All weapons consume battery energy, even missiles as there is no ammunition system on purpose. In this universe, fighter class vessels are the real “ammunition”, they are weak, but cheap to replace, fast to produce, and in big numbers, they can overwhelm capital ships.


Ships are divided into 7 main classes based on their function, ranging from cargo ships (with a huge cargo hull, half decent shielding, but slow and without good weaponry) to the mighty battleships featuring heavy shield and weapon systems. Each ship is defined by the size and amount of shields and weapon slots, its maneuverability and speed, its battery, cargo bay, and hull strength. The following chart is only an indication, actual content may varies wildly from a ship to another of the same class:

Class Role Weapons Shields Battery Hull Speed Cargo Cost
Drone Escort Small Small Small Low High Very Small Free
Corvette Exploration Small Small Medium Low Very High Small Cheap
Frigate Patrol / Military Medium Medium Medium Medium High Medium Medium
Cruiser Patrol / Military Large Large High Strong Medium Medium High
Carrier Carries fighters into battle Large XL High Very Strong Very Slow High Very High
Battleship Military XL XL Very High Very Strong Slow High Very High
Dreadnought Military XL XL Very High Very Strong Very Slow Very High Very High
Cargo Ship Trading / Mining Small Medium Low Medium Slow Very High Cheap
Dock Builder Station Building Medium XL Medium Strong Very Slow Very High Very High

While it's possible to pilot fighters yourself, it's not necessarily recommended. Usually, other classes can dispatch fighters rather quickly.


So far there's 4 different kinds of weapons and 4 damage types. Weapons, and shields, also have a slot size ranging from small to XL. A fighter can only equip small weapons while a battleship, with its numerous XL slots can virtually equip any shield or weapon available in game. Weapons have various statistics like the amount of shots per second, bullet speed, base damage, maximum range, battery energy consumption, and so on.

In general the bigger the slot needed to install a weapon, the slower and stronger it will be.

Damage Type Shield Damage Hull Damage Special
Explosive Low High Many Explosive weapons have Area of effect damage
Energy High Low N/A
Particle Medium Medium N/A
Mining Very Low Very Low High damage versus asteroids
Weapon Type Damage Type Notes
Mining Laser Mining Automatically collect ores from asteroids
Beam Energy Instant hit on a single point
Plasma Energy/Particle/explosive Bullet based weapons
Missile Explosive/Energy Need a target locked, flies toward it and explode on contact
Homing Mine Explosive/Energy Dropped by a ship, will then follow any nearby hostile ship and explode on contact
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