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Frequently Asked Questions

It doesn't work ! What's a .zip file ?! where is my X3 folder ? and what's a folder anyway ?

If you have received the script as a Zip or a Rar file (archive) there's a simple Installation Guide that should be understandable by anyone who have a PC and can do a Google search.

Can you allow me to manage my fighter wings myself

Well, yes i could add a bunch of menus for this, and you could spend hours using them, but i probably won't because it's much more fast and at least as efficient to let ADS dynamically pick a method according to the situation. You can however prevent ADS from using some of your docked ships.

Can you allow ADS to dock TP/TS/whatever to a carrier ?!

I do not want to include this cheat / feature in my script. However, if you're using a mod with true docking bays for TS and TP ships on carriers, then ADS should handle these fine (trade commands will use the transport ship instead of a bunch of fighters).

Trade Commands could be updated

Indeed, feel free to proceed :)

Some of my ships seems to be beamed in and out of the carrier without using the docking bays

Ain't a bug, it's a feature (well mostly). Fighters with the Transporter Device installed are able to be beamed inside the carrier when located at less than 5km from it.

Where Can i Choose my Hotkeys ?

Go in the main menu <Esc>, Select Controls. It located at the end of the panel called interface. You'll see a bunch of options like ADS Manager, ADS Dock all My Ship, ADS Send Attack Wing, … and ECS: Extended Comm. System. You don't need to set all of them, but put an easy to access hotkey for the two options in bold.

Can i include Anarkis Defense System in my free mod ?

Yes, as long as compatibility issues with other scripts included in your mod are your concern, and as documentation and links are provided.

Can I use ADS as a library in my own script ?

Yes, it has been designed to be easily used by any 3rd party plugin or script, you should take a look at the Pirate Guild or Yaki Armada source code to see how to do it more or less properly. I will add a Library Documentation when it's blue.

Removing ADS commands from the ship command menu ?

If you are using another carrier script and still want to use ADS as a library for Pirate Guild or another plugin but don't want your command menu to be cluttered with ADS commands, you can proceed as follow:

  1. Download and Install ADS
  2. Load your X3 savegame
  3. Enable and open the Script Editor
  4. Edit setup.anarkis.acc
  5. Remove all lines that looks like
    set script command upgrade: command= [...]
    global script map: set: key= ANARKIS_xxx, class= [...], race=Player, script= [...]

    Should be between lines 27 and 80.

  6. Save the file
  7. Don't save your game, just reload your previous savegame again.

Keyboard shortcuts and ADS Manager will still be available and the script will still be usable by Pirate Guild and Yaki Armada.

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