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Data Files

After the Collapse relies on JSON formatted data files to store most of the data you'd want to change for a mod. JSON files are text files formatted in a machine readable way while still being relatively friendly to the human eye. Pretty much every single piece of data in the game can be dramatically altered modifying those files.


  • Bodies: Defines the sprites making an agent
  • Bodyanim: Animation system
  • EquipList: Equipment list (used in many places)
  • Needs: Definition files for needs (hunger, sleepiness, etc.)
  • Npc: Everything that can move and feature some form of AI (settlers, cars, mobs)
  • Trait: Traits, wounds, jobs and special effects

Main Categories

  • Clutter: Most on screen game objects (furniture, crafting stations, etc.)
  • Recipes: Recipes for crafting stations
  • TileData: Tile Information
  • Wall: Wall definition files
  • Zones: Information about zones and rooms


  • Ammo: Ammunition Information
  • Armors: Armors and headgear
  • Consumable: Items that can be consumed by agents (food, medicine)
  • Materials: The most basic items (material, clutter, valuable)
  • Seeds: Growing plants 101
  • Techs: Technologies
  • Weapons: Weaponry

Game Logic

  • EventHandlers: How to customize difficulty settings
  • Events: Specific events managed by the Event Handlers
  • Factions: Faction Editing
  • Themes: Music and ambiance themes
  • Weather: Editing Weather patterns
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