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Weapon files are normally located in data/items/weapons

Weapon File Format

// If using ammunition, enter the filename for the associated ammo. Can be empty for no ammo.
"AmmoName": "rifle"

// [unused] position when displayed over an agent ingame
"AnchorPoint": "18, 22"

// [don't change] which equipment slot to use
"AllowedSlots": [ "Weapon" ],

// Show this weapon in the 'new game' menu's inventory tab
"AvailableOnStartMenu": false/true

// If set to false, this item will get destroyed on the owner's death instead of being dropped on the ground
"CanDrop": false/true,

// [unused] does't work on weapons
"VisibleEquipment": false/true,

// Does the bullets (if any) leave a trail. Good for missiles.
"BulletTrail": false/true,

// 0.0 to 1.0, chance for the weapon the break into something else when the user dies
"BreakChanceOnDrop": 0.2,

// Item in which the weapon break to
"BreakTo": "parts_gun",

// Item category (inherited, don't change)
"Category": "Weapon",

// Animation file being played on weapon hit (data/anims)
"HitAnim": "explod",

// animation size in pixels
"HitAnimHeight": 16,
"HitAnimWidth": 16,

// Sound FX being played on succesful hit (Content/sfx)
"HitSFX": "",

// Apply this trait to the person wearing this item
"GiveTraitOnEquip": [ "equip_heavyduty" ],

// Apply one of those traits on target when hit
"GiveTraitOnHit": [ "wound_bloodloss", "wound_laceration" ],

// Chance for the trait to apply
"TraitHitPercent": 0.2,

// path to the texture (in menus)
"InventoryTextureName": "objects/weapons/mcal",

// item name
"Name": "30 cal. machine-gun",

// item description
"Desc": "Kill things quickly, like very quickly",

// SFX being played when reloading the weapon (if applicable)
"ReloadSFX": "reload_basic",

// SFX being played when shooting/attacking with the weapon
"ShotSFX": "gunshot_assault",

// don't change!
"Stackable": true,

// Weapon stats
"Stats": {
  // Change this number if you want to shoot multiple bullets at a time (good for shotguns)
  "AdditionalBulletsPerShot": 0,
  // Spread for the addition bullets in pixels
  "AdditionalBulletsSpread": 0,
  // Area of effect : % of damage lost per tile
  "AoEDamageLossFromDistance": 0,
  // Area of effect: 0 for no, otherwise set the maximum distance
  "AOERange": 0,
  // base damage per hit
  "BaseDamage": 50,
  // bullets' speed (avoid any number above 1000)
  "BulletSpeed": 700,
  // sprite path for the bullet if any
  "BulletSpriteFile": "bullets/standard",
  // weapon type. Melee weapons don't use bullets. Ranged do.
  "Category": "Melee" / "Ranged" / "Thrown"
  // % of chance for critical damage
  "CriticalChance": 30,
  // Damage type, look at the rest of the document
  "DamageType": "Piercing",
  // base damage variance
  "DamageVariance": 5,
  // Magazine size for ammo based weapons
  "MagazineSize": 60,
  // Maximum range in tiles
  "MaxRange": 10,
  // Accuracy at maximum range
  "MaxRangeAccuracy": 85.0,
  // Minimum range in tiles
  "MinRange": 0,
  // Accuracy at minimum range
  "MinRangeAccuracy": 70.0,
  // Rate of fire in milliseconds, the lower the faster
  "RateOfFire": 200,
  // Reload time in milliseconds
  "ReloadTime": 1500,
  // Tell the AI approximately how much ammo it should carry with it for that weapon
  "IdealAmmoCountToCarry": 180,
  // penetration power
  "Power": "VeryHigh"

// set if tradable or not
"Tradable": 1,

// item's value
"Value": 4200,

// weigth
"Weight": 15.0


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