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Game Controls

You can play this game using either the keyboard, the mouse or both.

Keyboard Controls

  • NumKeys (1..9) - Moving around
  • NumKey 5 - Wait a turn or exit Examine/Fire mod
  • Space - Cycle through all targets (ordered by distance)
  • E or NumPad [/] - Cycle through enemy targets
  • F or NumPad [0] - Fire at the current target, aim at nearest if none selected
  • B or NumPad [delete] - Toggle burst shot on/off
  • V or NumPad [+] - Cycle between body parts (weapons with “aim shot”)
  • R or NumPad [-] - Reload current weapon
  • U -“Use/interact” key
  • X - Toggle “Examine Mode” on/off
  • W - Toggle Walk / Run mode
  • I - Inventory Screen
  • J - Character Sheet
  • M - City Map
  • [F1]-[F5] - Shortcuts to the quick access bar

Mouse Controls

  • Left Click - You will path to the destination automatically
  • Left Click - If over a NPC, it will select this NPC
  • [Shift] + Left Click - You move by one square toward the selected destination
  • Right Click - Context Menu / most used commands
  • Middle Click - Select and Attack a NPC

When your character in on a side of the map (or sector), left click in the void next to him to change sector.

Looking Around

There is several ways to look around in GRA. You can press X to switch to Examine Mode. A cursor will appear over your character, move it using the cursor keys over the tile you want to examine to get a description about the NPC or object placed here. Pressing X again will go back to the standard controls and if you do it when examining a NPC or object, it will select it as a target. You can also use the [space] key to switch between visible NPC. Moving the mouse over any notable object or NPC will display a description too. Left Clicking on a NPC will select it and display his description.

The currently selected object or NPC is displayed in an panel at the top right location of your screen.


To interact with your environment you can bump into it (moving on the object) if it's located on an impassible terrain. Otherwise you can move next to the object/npc and right clicking on it. If you are using the keyboard only, you'll have to select it first (by using the eXamine key for example) and then use it with the U key.

Interacting with different objects has different results. If it's a bed you'll be able to sleep here, if it's a shop it will open the trading window, if it is a locked container you will attempt to pick the lock, if it's a NPC you'll try to rob him…


To attack an enemy or location you must select it first. To do so, press the Attack key ([F] or [num.0]) a first time. The game will automatically target the nearest enemy or the last selected one if any.

Then, if you are not satisfied with the selection, you can use the space key to cycle through available targets (or E to cycle through hostiles). Alternatively (or if you want to target a wall or an empty space) you can use the NumPad keys to move the selection cursor around.

When your are satisfied with the result, press the Attack key again to shoot at your selection. If for a reason or another you want to cancel the action, press the Idle key (num.pad 5) or the e[X]amine key.

If you prefer using the mouse, things are much easier there. Move your cursor over the place you want to shoot at, then right-click and use the context menu or use the middle mouse button if you have one.

Attacking police officers or civilians will raise your Alert Level.

Inventory Screen

Using I you can open your inventory screen. Here you can change weapon, reload and use your items. Left Click on an object to see it's properties. Double Click on a slot will equip or use the object. Right Click will open a contextual menu.

Quick Access Bar

Grand Rogue Auto features a quick action bar: Five buttons in the left toolbar can be assigned to various items. To do so, open your inventory with I, right click the item you want to have a shortcut for, select Copy to action bar and choose a slot. The item will be assigned to the corresponding button. Then, you can either press the button with the mouse or use the F1 to F5 keyboard keys to use this item.

Character Sheet

Pressing J open your character info window. You'll be able to see your statistics and skill points there with your score and achievements. Boosts provided by the use of items (lockpicks, drugs) are reflected in this screen. At a later stage this window will also record the quests, and log interactions with the environments.

City Map

Pressing M open the city map. Your current sector is circled in red.

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