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Alpha Version - GRA is currently in Alpha stage. It is, as such, incomplete and buggy. But if you are a not put off by bugs and a lack of missions and quests, the current build is available. The official blog also contains an incomplete roadmap.

Development is currently halted. It may resume once our Unending Galaxy project reach final status.


Grand Rogue Auto is GTA themed graphical roguelike. The setting takes place in a procedurally generated modern city (populated with citizens, shops, buildings of several kinds,…) and its neighborhood. The player will gain money by completing random missions, wreaking havoc, and working for different factions. This money can be used to buy ammo, weaponry, armors, items, locations and so on. The goal of this project is to mix the open-ended aspect of GTA with the complexity and replay value of roguelike games.

However, it's not only a game, it's an engine designed to handle a massive amount of NPC in an large environment. As a result, the game is easily modifiable using the Modding menu. Basically, all the content beside the game's rules can be altered. Custom weapons, object, buildings and even NPC will be incorporated in new games.

When the engine become 'solid' enough, I will produce larger projects / games with it.

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Parts of this documentation may be outdated as the game is updated regularly.



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