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General Tips

  • Dead NPC drop their inventory (if any), it is the sprite looking like a sack. Position yourself over it and Use it to check the loot. If gangs are enabled in your game, a good strategy is to loot drops from 3rd party fights. You won't make a living doing that, but you will get better weapons and some free money.
  • Search the houses while the owners are away, shelves and other containers may contain some free loot.
  • Citizen buy stuff and earn money in identifiable patterns, stalking a specific NPC and waiting for a good opportunity to strike can be more rewarding than busting in a random office and spraying bullets at everyone.
  • Beware of cops using ranged weapons, they may carry a shotgun. It's not a very accurate weapon but it can easily kill you in two hits if they get near enough.
  • When hurt, you can buy health items or sleep in hospital beds, for a price.
  • Your starting statistics and skills matters a lot. Lock-picking is hard to level-up, but if you put a lot of points in it and train yourself on low level locks, it will reach maturity quickly and you won't be paying for most items anymore.
  • Weapon skills give marginal bonuses to accuracy (+20 relative percentage max) and are easy to level-up so they are not a primary concern for new players. High perception and endurance builds with high Stealth and Lockpick skills are better builds.
  • It's possible to outrun hostile NPC by circling around a building. However the best method, for now, is still to change sector.

Game Mode Related Tips

Game modes different from Standard are survival modes. You're supposed to survive as long as possible in a increasingly hostile environment.

  1. Police State Mode - A lot more cops than usual and killed NPC respawn as cops.
    • Cops lack long range weaponry, use it to your advantage.
    • Don't use hospital beds if your Alert Level is over Laying Low
  2. Zombie Invasion - The Game start with a few zombies. People killed by zombies respawn as other zombies.
    • The zombie invasion will break the city's economic and police systems quickly. Loot safes and drops from people killed by the invasion. The police will be too busy 'dealing' with the invasion to intercept you anyway.
    • You have very little time to prepare. Your starting gun is no match against the horde. Try to grab a shotgun from fallen cops and buy a rifle using the money you've looted from dead people.
    • Zombies regenerate health automatically and they are expert at hand to hand combat. However they don't see very far and lack ranged abilities. As long as you are not surrounded and have enough ammo to supply your high damage weapon, you can survive.
    • Zombie Mode is unfair by essence. The city will be invaded very quickly and you will die not long after that.
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