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Getting Started

Grand Rogue Auto is in a very stage of development, do not expect the game to be bug free or even balanced. Currently, there's no Save/Load Game options.

Generating a New World

By clicking in the middle of the screen of using the main menu Game/New Game option, you will start a new game. You will be able to choose the city' size, the number used to dynamically build the city and the game mode. Default values are fine. The Start button will launch the game engine and generate a new world.

Game Modes


This is the default game with a normal amount of cops and no special rules. Currently, dead NPC don't respawn, however in future versions new NPC will arrive from the airport.

Police State

There is much more cops than usual on this map, and killed NPC will respawn as cops.

Zombie Mode

A small amount of zombies will be spawned in the city. Zombies are very though and regenerate health for free. People killed by zombies will respawn as another zombies. The horde will spread very quickly, and your chances of survival for more than a few days are slim, at best. As such, this is purely a survival mode.

Gang War

The police faction has been removed and as a result, gang are free to take over the city. Pick a side.

Choosing your Character Build

Once the city is built, a new window will open. It will allow you to allocate point to your various statistics and skills. Default values are not optimal. If you go the robber road, you'll want high perception, agility, lockpick and stealth values. A thug will favor endurance, perception and a weapon skill.


Values are between 1 and 20. Those values don't level-up but they can be temporarily altered by using some items.

  • Strength
    • Influences damages dealt with melee weapons
    • Determines your stamina and how much you can carry
  • Agility
    • Influences hit chance and dodge chance during melee combat
    • Modifier for lock-picking and pickpocketing
  • Perception
    • Influences hit chance with ranged weapons (and how far NPC can see)
    • Modifier for lockpicking
  • Endurance
    • Determines your health points
    • Determines your stamina and how much you can carry
  • Charisma
    • High charisma gives discount in shops


Values are between 0 and 1000. You can train in most skills by practicing a related activity. Killing people with a gun will increase your Handgun skill. Some items may give skill boosting effects when used. As an example using lockpick tools will increase your Lockpick skill for a few turns.

  • Hand To Hand - Influences hit chance in melee combat
  • Lockpick - Chances to open locked doors and containers
  • Stealth - Ability to avoid detection while committing a crime
  • Handgun - Improves hit chance with handguns
  • Shotguns - Improves hit chance with shotguns
  • Rifles -Improves hit chance with automated weapons (SMG and Rifles)
  • Heavy Weapons - [Not Yet Implemented] Improves hit chance with heavy weaponry
  • Medic - [Not Yet Implemented]
  • Trade - [Not Yet Implemented]
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