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v0.96 - Final Stable Release
 (+) Feature: Weapon Setup library script upgraded -> uses all available weapons, no empty turrets
 (+) Feature: Should be a bit more CPU friendly
 (o) Change: Minor and major invasion durations have been reduced a bit
 (o) Change: Duration of pirate patrols has been reduced
 (o) Change: Maximum Amount of ship per PB has been reduced to 45
 (*) Fixed: Amount of patrol ships going crazy in pirate owned sectors
 (*) Fixed: Wares not deleted from (respawned) PB when the plugin is disabled
 (*) Fixed: Some ships not deleted when the plugin is disabled
 (*) Fixed: Dead ships staying in space doing nothing
 (*) Fixed: Shield Optimizer reseting the shield to zero when the cargo bay is open
 (*) Fixed: A target's current sector may appear as 'null' (ECS dialogue)
 (*) Fixed: Possible minor issue with RRF plugin
 (*) Fixed: Some debug data still appearing in the logbook
 (*) Fixed: Only the first fine is applied to the player when attacking the guild
 (*) Fixed: Some spelling errors

v0.95 - Internal Release ("offline" release ^^)
 (+) Feature: Two 'Independant Shipyards' are added in 2 random pirate sectors
 (+) Feature: Guild Ranking (see section 4.4 of the documentation)
 (+) Feature: Guild Contests (Deadly Run, The Arena)
 (+) Feature: You can ask pirate pilots what they are currently doing
 (+) Feature: Pirate Guild's 'Top10' pilots
 (+) Feature: Pay a fine to the guild when you've been kicked out
 (+) Feature: Various speech and sound FX added during ECS dialogues
 (+) Feature: Much interesting / challenging weapon setups
 (+) Feature: Assassinations attempts when the player has a high ranking in the guild
 (+) Feature: Includes about 15 new ship upgrades available at the independant shipyards
 (+) Feature: Pirate Spacefly Hunter ships added
 (+) Feature: Various wares added to pirate bases (more weapons, shields, salvage insurances)
 (+) Feature: Ware Distribution randomized. Now each PB deals with different wares.
 (+) Feature: Wares in pirate bases have been randomized (not every base the same anymore)
 (+) Feature: Smarter use of the covert state
 (+) Feature: Patrol scripts heavily improved
 (+) Feature: Damaged PG ships jumping back to safety to be repaired
 (+) Feature: Should use X3 2.0 new ships more often
 (o) Change: ECS / Communication extended to 12km (instead of 8km).
 (o) Change: Tuned the amount of ships sent during patrols, and attacks against capital ships
 (o) Change: Slowed down PB activities a little
 (o) Change: Added some colors to the guild news
 (o) Change: Prices of ships bought by the guild tuned
 (o) Change: A load of library scripts have been updated
 (*) Fixed: Ships bought from shipyards not returning to the homebase
 (*) Fixed: Bases not paying anything for some of the new ships
 (*) Fixed: Guild ships without a cloaking device able to use cover
 (*) Fixed: Pirate ships staying "blue" when the plugin is disabled
 (*) Fixed: Various minor to medium bugs and glitches
 (*) Fixed: The plugin may hang if all the pirate bases are destroyed
 (*) Fixed: Not kicked out of the guild when you're attacking a PG ship
 (*) Fixed: PB buying ships to Xenon and Khaak shipyards or to shipyards way too far.
 (*) Fixed: Naming and Relation Issues with pirate traders
 (*) Fixed: Sector not appearing on map when a pirate gives the location of a base
 (*) Fixed: PB "sleep" time sometimes much shorter than it should be
 (*) Fixed: Not gaining money /rank for captured ships

v0.72 - Balancing Preview
 (+) Feature: Paying a "tax" to the pirates will increase your reputation a little
 (o) Change: Reputation change. Friendly: all blue | Neutral: handled by the game engine | Enemy : all red
 (o) Change: Slowed down the 'reputation increase' for guild members
 (*) Fixed: Pirate Guild attacking members on rare occasions
 (*) Fixed: PG ships turning red when relation is very low
 (*) Fixed: PG ships turning blue against its attacker

v0.70 - Guild and News Preview
 (+) Feature: Basic Guild joining and leaving options
 (+) Feature: Show reputation, status and various info when 'talking' with a base through ECS
 (+) Feature: ECS Broadcasted mission system (for TS raiding, police hunting, invasions)
 (+) Feature: Pirate News Network
 (+) Feature: ECS dialogue to prevent pirates from attacking you if your standing is good
 (+) Feature: Setting pirate as friends will set all pirate stations to blue
 (+) Feature: You'll get money, reputation & rank by killing ships targeted by the guild
 (+) Feature: Beeing a member slowly increase you general reputation with pirates
 (o) Change: An attacked pirate ship under cover will now uncover
 (o) Change: Setting yourself as a pirate friend make you join the guild automatically
 (o) Change: Slowed down guild activity a little
 (o) Change: PB will buy less ships at once
 (o) Change: Invasion duration sightly reduced
 (o) Change: Attacked covert ships will automatically uncloack
 (*) Fixed: Friendly Fire issues causing friendly pirates to go red
 (*) Fixed: Guild sometimes attacking friendly players
 (*) Fixed: Relation settings not applied to TS ships
 (*) Fixed: TS doing nothing when the player disable the plugin or a PB is destroyed
 (*) Fixed: Bug preventing raiding parties from recovering stolen wares to pirate bases
 (*) Fixed: Not enough energy cells for ships to jump
 (*) Fixed: Newly spawned pirate ships when player is friendly stay red

v0.65 - Balancing Preview
 (+) Feature: Ability to set initial relation with the pirates.
 (+) Feature: Dynamic relations with pirate ships
 (+) Feature: If player hostile, the Guild HQ is able to locate player's strategic sectors and attack them
 (+) Feature: Improved Guild HQ behaviours.
 (+) Feature: The player will gain additional credits from the 'Galactic Police' if he destroy Guild owned fighters
 (*) Fixed: Glitches when PG' ships are captured by the player
 (*) Fixed: PB invading xenon/khaak/unknown sectors

v0.60 - Guild HQ AI Preview
 (+) Added a random Pirate Guild HQ
 (+) The HQ give orders to the other pirate bases
 (+) Pirates will focuse attacks on the race that do the most damages to them
 (+) Update of the plugin upgrade no longer need the player to manually reset it
 (+) Pirate Bases will buy improved LT with 125Mj shields, improved turning rates, and no CDT ;)
 (*) Fixed : player's aim now points correctly to the ship you have to kill (in ECS mini-missions)
v0.50 - Beta Version
 (+) PB are able to order ships from nearest SY (including custom ships)
 (+) More variants of ships used
 (+) Agressiveness of PB tuned
 (*) Fixed : CTD caused by lasertower - no more 125mj shields
 (*) Fixed : Missing wares in pirate bases
 (*) Fixed : Pirate ships not enemy to the invaded sector

v0.41 - Crappy Fix
 (*) NOT Fixed : Lasertower related CTD

v0.40 - First official Release (Beta 1)
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