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Name Pirate Guild 2
Game X3 Reunion
Type AL Plugin
Version 0.96
Status Final


The goal of this plugin is to make the pirates a bit more intelligent and organized than in the vanilla game. Each Pirate Base will now behave on its own, buying and capturing new ships, raiding TS, invading sectors, buying improved Lasertowers, sending patrols and much more. When the plugin starts, each pirate base will receive a random amount of money and some ships. Then periodically (20-30 minutes), each pirate base decide to do one of those previously stated actions. One of the pirate bases will act as a HQ. This HQ will give general orders to the other bases, like targeting a particular race or sector.

By the way, two “Independant” shipyards will be spawned in two random pirate sectors. Those shipyards will allow pirate oriented players to sell and/or repair captured ships, to buy ships that aren't usually buyable in any other 'legit' shipyard and a set of new (but expensive) softwares and devices for you ships.

The plugin also includes a communication system (called ECS) with pirate pilots and stations, allowing the player to speak with them using a hotkey, like in the Yaki Armada plugin. Depending if you're a friend or a foe, you can ask them for directions, help or to give them a little tribute to avoid beeing attacked. ;)

Moreover, when activated, the plugin will ask you what initial relationship you want with the pirate faction. Allowing you to roleplay as a pirate (independant or affiliated to the guild) or as a cop or even as a bounty hunter. Smugglers will also enjoy this plugin, as they will find a lot of wares to loot during pirate invasions.



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