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Pirate Ship Upgrades

Those upgrade can be bought at the Independent Shipyards when conditions are met by using the ECS communication hotkey. As those upgrades aren't real X3 ship components, there's no easy way to know what upgrade you've installed on you've already installed on your ships as they won't appear in your cargo. The Independent Shipyard won't install the same upgrade twice on the same ship.

Pirate pilots can buy and use all “passive” upgrades (Shield Optimizers, FDNC, ECM, …).

Full List

OverTuning 20%

  • cost : 100.000 credits
  • class: All ships
  • rank : None Needed

Self explanatory I guess. Buying this upgrade will make your ship go faster by 20%.

Shield Optimizer Mk1 & Mk2

  • cost : MK1 : 500.000 credits | MK2 : 1.000.000 credits
  • class: MK1 : Fighters and TS/TP | MK2 : Corvettes and capital ships.
  • rank : None Needed

This upgrade will automatically optimize the energy distribution in your shield system. In other words it will slightly increase your recharge rate. Once installed it will work automatically without any input. Only works when the ship is flying.

Automated Mineral Scanner [AMS]

  • cost : 75.000 credits
  • class: All ships
  • rank : None Needed

This software will automatically scan and tag asteroids in a 15km radius without any input needed by the user.

Fighter Drone Nano Constructors [FDNC]

  • cost : 300.000 credits
  • class: TP/TS/TL
  • rank : None Needed

Thanks to the various security holes in the NanoSoft network, this device is now widely available on the black market. With the FDNC onboard, your transport ships will never lack fighter drones. Self replicating nanobots will continuously build new drones from scratch inside your ship. On a TS or TP ship, the device will maintain up to 15 drones, and 30 on a TL. Once installed the robots will works automatically without any input, but like with all other nano-technology based upgrades, the ship must be flying for the device to work.

NanoSoft Repair Bay [NRB]

  • cost : 40.000.000 credits
  • class: M1 and TL only
  • rank : Captain

This advanced piece of equipment brought to you by NanoSoft is only available on M1 and TL carriers. A 100% automated repair bay will be installed on your carrier. Docked ships with a damaged hull will be repaired one at a time (very) slowly. By the way the NRB is unable to repair ships that have been too badly damaged (less than 40% hull integrity to be exact).

TerraCorp Nano Repair Facilities [TNRF]

  • cost : 80.000.000 credits
  • class: Any ship able to dock smaller ships
  • rank : War Boss

This device was only found on a few of the latest military carriers until it felt in the Pirate Guild's hands. During a failed military assault against the Pirate Anarchy Port in LooManckStrat's Legacy, the Argon Colossus Flagship carrying this experimental device was taken down by the Guild forces in the minefield and for some reason the auto-destruction sequence failed. So, Guild's hackers were able to investigate the wreck and found this device. Like the NanoSoft Repair Bay it will repair docked ships using nano technologies. But the TNRF is much more efficient as all docked ships are repaired at the same time, and the repair rate is better. Moreover, it can even repair the most badly damaged ships when NRB simply can't.

ECM Device Mk1 & Mk2

  • cost : MK1 : 100.000 credits | MK2 : 300.000 credits
  • class: All ships
  • rank : MK1 : None Needed | MK2 : Pirate

ECM devices are widely used missiles electronic countermeasures. The Mk1 has a 50% success rate and the MK2 a 75% success rate and a longer range. Both devices work automatically without any input from the pilot. Notice that this device won't work on OOS ships as missiles don't really exist OOS.

Overtuning 100%

  • cost : 2.000.000 credits
  • class: see above
  • rank : Only available once you have won the Deadly Run contest.

This experimental piece of equipment will double the speed of your ship. Use it with caution on the playership, as the autopilot won't like it very much.

Solar Jumpdrive Mk1, Mk2 & Mk3

  • cost : MK1: 2.000.000 credits | MK2: 5.000.000 credits | MK3: 10.000.000 credits
  • class: MK1: M4/M3/TP | MK2: M6/M7/TS | MK3: M1/M2/TL
  • rank : Only available once you have won the Dodge This event

This revolutionary jumpdrive addon will automatically generate its own energy cells using small particles found solar & cosmic rays. The Mk1 variant for small and medium vessels is able to generate up to 75 energy cells. The Mk2, about 200 e.cells and the Mk3 for capital ships will generate up to 300 e.cells. However, the ship must be flying to generate the energy cells. Docked ships being unable to collect those particles.

Regenerative Hull Componment Mk1 & Mk2 [RHC]

  • cost : MK1: 5.000.000 credits | MK2: 15.000.000 credits
  • class: MK1: M5/M4/M3/TP/TS | MK2 :M6/M7/M1/M2/TL
  • rank : Only available once you have won The Arena tournament

The RHC was initially designed by the Boron Military. This advanced Bio/Nano technology and it still works 50% better on Boron ships due to the particular hull materials they are using. Anyway, this device will slowly and automatically repair any damage on your hull even for badly damaged vessels. Notice that if the variants built for non capital ships can bring back to life a very badly damaged ship in a matter of a few hours to a day, repairing a capital ships may take several days. The RHC needs the shields to be at least at 50% integrity to work.

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