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v1.59 - Final Release
 (*) 0000012: [AI - Bounty Hunters] Immobile Bounty Hunters
 (*) 0000037: [AI - Defense Grid] M7 patrol ships shouldn't be neutral when the player is a foe
 (*) 0000036: [AI - Pirate Bases] Orders should reduce the attack priority on the worst enemy 
 (*) 0000032: [AI - Pirate Bases] TS Raid order ignored the "Peace with Teladis" flag 
 (*) 0000031: [AI - Pirate Ships] Mob Bosses may flee too far away from home-base
 (*) 0000029: [General Issues] Library issue : Cargo value wasn't reported correctly
 (*) 0000035: [General Issues] Library issue : "Retrieve cargo value" not working on player's ships
 (*) 0000030: [Compatibility with 3rd party plugins] NPC bailing addon - Some undetected captures

v1.58 - Final Release
 (+) 0000021: [Mission System] Accepting missions should add a message to the player log 
 (*) 0000028: [AI - Pirate Ships] Mob Bosses unable to find a sector to flee to
 (*) 0000026: [Mission System] Bounty for guild's targets should be capped
 (*) 0000027: [General Issues] Custom attack.all with timeout order is buggy 
v1.57 - SuperBOX Release (Final)
 (*) 0000011: [Mission System] No reward for some missions
 (*) 0000002: [General Issues] Compatibility check with X3TC 2.7 not done 
 (*) 0000007: [Game Balancing] Pirate ships use too many ion disruptors
 (*) 0000001: [Compatibility with 3rd party plugins] Messages about a pirate base in null sector.

v1.56 - Final Release
 (+) Polish translation added (thanks to BlueBerry SheWolf and Yacek)
 (+) PB will now consider TM ships as potential targets for raids on transport ships
 (*) Fixed : Minor signal issue on target ships [1.40]
 (*) Fixed : Some glitches in library files

v1.55 - Final Release
 (+) Bounty Hunter On/Off toggle added to setup menu
 (*) Fixed : Error in bounty hunters hunter spawning code causing them to be red to player [1.53]
 (*) Fixed : Wrong race ownership for PG ships bought at foreign shipyards [1.50]
 (*) Fixed : Possible small ADS docking related issue [1.40]
 (*) Fixed : Minor issue related to fines from pirate bases [1.20]
 (*) Fixed : It was possible for the mobile HQ, the M2 and M7 to spawn red when they are not supposed to [1.01]
v1.54 - Final Release
 (+) Reward for destroying a PB is now 2.5 million credits (500k was really cheap)
 (+) CPU usage has been reduced a bit 
 (+) Somewhat improved update system
 (*) Fixed : No reward for destroying a PB [unknown]
 (*) Fixed : Minor issue related to german translation [1.52]

v1.53 - Final Release
 (+) Small rewards from the guild will be put in logbook, bigger ones will be sent as popup message 
 (+) Signal handling on targeted ships rewritten from scratch. Smaller, better, faster (tm)
 (*) Fixed : Capture was still ignored for one kind of mission [1.52]
 (*) Fixed : Possible crash with the RRF plugin [1.50]
 (*) Fixed : Small display issue in the Mission List [1.40]
 (*) Fixed : Non blinking ship for some missions [1.40]
 (*) Fixed : Reward message spam bug [1.40]
 (*) Fixed : Issue with the Mob Boss radar occasionally preventing him from fleeing [1.40]
 (*) Fixed : Mobile Guild HQ ressupply can take ages when in same sector as playership [1.01]
 (*) Fixed : Many bugs and glitches related to signal handling [misc]
v1.52 - Final Release
 (+) German translation added - Thanks to Lamiadon
 (*) Fixed : Invasion of friendly player owned sectors [1.00]
 (*) Fixed : No bonus/reward for the capture of bounty hunters [1.40]
 (*) Fixed : Captured bounty hunters that kept blinking [1.40]

v1.51 - Final Release
 (+) Station Hacking available at Pirate Bases for Guild members
 (+) Documentation completed, french readme added, textfiles updated
 (*) Fixed : Game crash when giving money to the guild - Thanks to Aegyen and Vampirecosmonaut - [1.40]
 (*) Fixed : Playership name may blink if he attacks a PG asset by mistake [1.40]
 (*) Fixed : Bug that may cause the spawn of 'unknown race' bounty hunters / police ships, and other minor glitches [1.35]
 (*) Fixed : M6 sometime switching back red even if you pay the fine at the local PB [1.00]
v1.50 - Final Release
 (+) Improved bounty hunter AI
 (+) Improved news system (now using ECS 2.5 Newsfeed) - GUI improvement and more article types.
 (+) Tuned the mission system, max distance for a mission to be detected by a PB reduced to 8 jumps (instead of 10).
 (+) Added "Protect this Pirate Base" guild mission (reward x2 on incoming ships) [needs ADS installed]
 (+) Added "Destroy Police TL" guild mission
 (+) Mob Boss request-for-help-from-homebase AI call should work better now
 (*) Fixed : Forgot to set a max amount of bounty hunters [1.40]
 (*) Fixed : Kill Counter not increased when a PB or a M2 is destroyed [1.01]
 (*) Fixed : PB promotion script was ignoring the "anarkis.skipme" local variable [1.00]
v1.40 - Stable Release
 (+) Added Guild system - needs 15k reputation toward PG
 (+) Added a pirate boss NPC to strong pirate bases (a single M7, increasing over time)
 (+) Raids of freighters will pick targets with a good cargo in priority
 (+) Improved PB defense if the ADS library is installed
 (+) As a guild member you'll receive emergency signals from attacked PB if ADS is installed
 (+) As a guild member hostile independant pirates will turn blue for free except if you attack them
 (+) Added "Give me a target" dialog to comm with pirates using ECS
 (+) A bounty is put on each PG ship based on how much cargo he destroyed/captured so far.
 (+) Added Bounty Hunter ships to the various factions (basic "kill all pirates in sector" script atm)
 (+) Added "Prisonner Escape" guild mission
 (+) Added "Remove a bounty hunter" guild mission
 (+) Added "Kill an enemy for a bonus reward" guild mission
 (+) If you are a guild member, enemy targets' name will blink on your map
 (+) Nicer numbers in most dialogue windows (like 1,000,000 instead of 1000000)
 (+) Plugin loading time is *much* shorter
 (+) You'll receive a message when you get a big reward. Smaller ones will be put in the logbook without warning
 (+) French language files added [désolé pour le retard]
 (*) Fixed : Plugin sometimes failing to start or stop correctly [1.35]
 (*) Fixed : Signals on targets are set as secondary again for better compatibility with 3rd party scripts [1.21]
 (*) Fixed : "We are invading the 'null' sector" display issue on following ships [1.20]
 (*) Fixed : Pleasure Domes got 0% shield when built in player's current sector [1.20]
 (-) Removed : White colored PB name (display issues with a widely used trade script)
v1.35 - Stable Release
 (+) Big bases can raid transports again, but the probability is reduced 
 (+) The M2 will patrol from pirate sector to pirate sector instead of idling when off duty
 (+) The M2 now uses the same system as the M7 to protect the PB.
 (+) Added rare 'special offers' to the pirate base comm system
 (+) Added prisonner transport ships to the game (will be used later for missions)
 (+) Added "Insane" strength settings
 (*) Fixed : Issue related to the amount of ships in PB when ADS is disabled [1.30]
 (*) Fixed : Maximum amount of M7 not set correctly [1.22]
 (*) Fixed : Unlimited amount of M2 for the guild instead of one [1.21]
 (*) Fixed : Crash and Reward bugs related to the "NPC Bailing Script" - Thanks to Craterface - [1.00]
 (*) Fixed : PG ships may attack a ship captured by the player even if neutral/friendly (very rare) [1.00]
 (*) Fixed : Shieldless ships given to the guild were not equipped with shields [1.00]
 (*) Fixed : Text issue when pressing [Esc] in the difficulty settings window [1.00]

v1.30 - Stable Release
 (+) Anarkis Defense System support heavily improved (needs ADS 2.05 installed)
 (+) New setup option to keep PG at peace with the Teladis
 (+) New setup option to allow/forbid attack of stations by the Guild
 (+) Dynamic name system for PB has been reviewed (should avoid too much renaming)
 (+) PB logic altered so more ships will stay at home
 (+) TS Raid order will also target TP ships 
 (+) PB won't target M2 anymore, they will target TL instead
 (+) Black-Jack game added to Pleasure Domes (using ECS)
 (+) General plugin performance increased
 (+) Wing size against M8 reduced as too many ships were sent
 (*) Fixed : Minor logic issue regarding the M7 [1.22]
 (*) Fixed : Undercover pirate ships f/f settings were altered but they shouldn't be [1.00]
 (*) Fixed : Minor text issue related to the destruction of a PB by the player [1.00]
 (*) Fixed : PG ship may have weird names with some languages [1.00]
v1.22 - Stable Release
 (+) The guild is allowed to buy one M7 per Pirate Base
 (+) Pirate Base survival rate in legit sector increased
 (+) Damaged Pirate Bases will repair hull over time
 (+) If ADS is used, amount of pirate mercenaries will increase a bit faster
 (+) Dynamic defense system using the Carracks M7 (similar to RRF)
 (+) PB can build jump beacons, allowing M7 to jump nearby
 (+) Added the 2 yaki M3 as possible ships for the guild
 (+) Compatibility with Yaki Armada plugin added (under developement)
 (+) Pirate Bases' money generation reduced a bit
 (+) Setup menu now displays if RRF, YA, and ADS are detected
 (+) Pleasure Domes are now delivered with a Pirate TL
 (+) PG won't use the Pericles ship anymore (unable to equip a jumpdrive)
 (+) Random (light) overtuning on pirate guild ships
 (+) Added 'Where is nearest pirate SY' ECS dialog
 (+) Updated HTML documentation, and added some new loading screens
 (+) Added some debug messages
 (*) Fixed : Was displaying the update window each time a savegame is loaded [1.21]
 (*) Fixed : TS Raid order was not taking plugin setup into account [1.21]
 (*) Fixed : Wrong text for 'surrender' when talking to a PG ship [1.20]
 (*) Fixed : Pleasure Domes may be built over gates or other stations [1.20]
 (*) Fixed : Notoriety changes were always applied to PG faction in ECS missions [1.20]
 (*) Fixed : It was possible for PB to build Fight Drones Mk2 as ships [1.02]
 (*) Fixed : Damaged PB were calling for help even when not in danger [1.01]

v1.21 - Fixes & Patches
 (+) Use on single global array instead of a bunch of vars to setup the plugin
 (*) Fixed : Guild ships not always jumping to safety when damaged
 (*) Fixed : PB out of SY range were still trying to buy a ship at SY (loosing a turn)
 (*) Fixed : Friendly PB weren't forgeting your evil deeds after the 2 hours delay
 (*) Possible fix to reported game-crash issue when a target is destroyed. 

v1.20 - ADS and ECS Integration
 (+) Pirate Bases can now use the Anarkis Defense System to protect themselves
 (+) ADS support can be toggled on/off by the user
 (+) Wealthy PB can build Pleasure Domes where you can sell your illegal wares
 (+) You will now see several kind of PB (outpost, base, stronghold and fortress)
 (+) ECS 2.0 is now used to handle communications with the pirate faction
 (+) Added an option in the debug panel to setup ADS on Pirate Bases
 (+) You can see how long ago a news was published in the PNN
 (+) You can now comm with pirate ships (featuring voice, text and video)
 (+) Money rewards for the destruction of the guild's targets
 (+) The game should be less sluggish when the plugin starts
 (+) The amount of ships bought by a PB is also based on how much money the base has
 (+) New PB order 'Train pilots', increase pirate ships fightskill
 (+) With a notoriety over 15k you will be notified of events from the PB in current sector
 (+) Destroyed pirate SY will respawn after a while in a different sector
 (*) Fixed : Some reward messages were not displayed
 (*) Fixed : The "Very low" diff. setting was displayed as 'medium' when selected
 (*) Fixed : Some trivial text issues

v1.02 - Stable Release
 (+) PB should loose much less ships in battle than before
 (+) Whenever possible, ships will try to jump between a target and its destination 
 (+) Increased ship chance to jump to safety when under heavy fire
 (+) All available ship types will be automatically used no matter if found in SY or not
 (+) Some station types added to the pirate shipyards
 (+) Plugin self-update
 (+) PG Ships surviving an invasion retrieve money to the homebase
 (*) Fixed : Lasertower should be placed correctly now (instead of everything on same spot)
 (*) Fixed : All issues related to ship formations
 (*) Fixed : Wingmates doing nothing when patrol leader killed
 (*) Fixed : Invasions not happening when jumpdrive settings are disabled
 (*) Fixed : Major bug in the 'get.random.race' library leading to very rare game crash
 (-) Ship Capture by the guild removed, causing random crashes
v1.01 - Quick Fix
 (+) More logical choice of action by the Pirate Bases 
 (+) The player can now request pirate raids on specific targets
 (+) Range for some actions (TS raid, sector invasion) increased by 1
 (+) Debug output is now also added to a logfile (log08513.txt)
 (+) Less station attacks except if the Race Response Fleets plugin is running
 (+) Improved Guild Patrol command script
 (+) Tweaked 'invade' command a bit, should work better in huge sectors
 (+) With enough funds the Guild may buy a M2 to defend its bases
 (+) Ships with a destroyed homebase will find another one
 (*) Fixed: Corvettes not bought 
 (*) Fixed: It was not possible to give M4 ships to the Guild
 (*) Fixed: Various display issues in the Pirate News Network
 (*) Fixed: Stolen ships ignoring jumpdrive settings
 (*) Fixed: Weaken Military order was not working properly
 (*) Fixed: Sleepy ships never returning home
v1.00 - Initial Release (comparative to PG 0.96 for X3 Reunion)
 (+) General performances are increased (much less CPU used)
 (+) Libraries rewritten from scratch (smaller and faster)
 (+) Pirate Guild ships fly in formation
 (+) Relationship with pirate faction issues fixed 
 (+) Possible signal issues with other scripts cleared (thanks to Egosoft)
 (+) Better use of jumpdrive (thanks to Egosoft)
 (+) More weapon and missile variations (thanks to Egosoft)
 (+) Menu to setup the plugin
 (+) The plugin will ignore invulnerable and civilian objects
 (+) Ability for PB to attack stations has been put back
 (+) Stronger lasertowers without additional scripting (thanks to Egosoft)
 (+) Wealthy PB can buy M6 to defend themselves
 (+) Save/restore relation to pirates when plugin toggled on/off
 (+) With a good notoriety PB will forgive your evil deeds after a while
 (+) Issues related to trade products in a respawned PB resolved
 (+) The player is now also paid for the destruction of a PB
 (+) Ability for the player to give money and ships to the guild
 (+) The Guild HQ is now a Galleon M1 that rearm at PB and attack enemy sectors
 (+) Takes advantage of the new menu commands (thanks to Egosoft)
 (+) More news events in the Pirate News Network (destroyed PB, HQ events)
 (-) Pirate dock traders not yet included
 (-) Realtime mission system and most of ECS not yet included
 (-) Use of camouflage removed (may not be used again, causing too much issues)
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