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Communication System

The communication system takes an important place in Pirate Guild's gameplay. Especially if you want to play as a Pirate. Using the ECS hotkey, you are able to communicate with any pirate ship, base or pleasure dome. Here's how it works:

Communication with Pirate Bases

Pirate Bases are the main location for pirate to take a break. Here you can eventually pay a fine if you got into trouble with the Guild in the area. You can also see your current ranking toward both the guild and the non-affiliated pirates and get access to various missions and information. Depending on your relation with the Guild you will be able to get access to various options:

Pirate Guild News Network

This news system keeps track of the latest 15 important events related Guild. You'll a news bulletin posted when a PB decide to invade a sector or to attack a military ship. Decisions of the Guild HQ or destruction of bases will also be displayed here. Notice that news are added and removed in real-time. So, you do not need to quit and re enter a sector to get a new set. Depending on your plugin settings, it may take a while before the first news are displayed on the BBS. It's because there's nothing much to report, pirate bases are building up basic fleets and defenses before starting major operations.

Raid Request

When your notoriety is high enough you can request a raid against a particular ship, sector or factory at any Pirate Base. The price will depend of the amount of ship you want to send, the target type and race. There is a 50% discount for attacks against the current worst foe of the Guild. And, of course, you can't attack pirate assets.

Guild Membership

With a notoriety of 15.000 points, you will be allowed to join the Guild. As a member, the Guild's current targets will blink on your sector map and a list of missions and targets will be available at any pirate base. Moreover, hostile independant pirate ships will usually turn tail if you ask them to, except if you attack them first. Be sure to keep your notoriety to our Guild high enough or you will be expelled without warning. Bounty Hunters may also start targeting your assets.

Guild Missions

If you are a guild member, the various missions available nearby this pirate base will be displayed here. More information is available in the Mission System part of this documentation.

Special Offers

From time to time (random. the bigger the base, the bigger the ratio), bases may offer you a one shot deal going from a few missiles at a discount price to a full upgrade of you ship computer encyclopedia.

Give money/ships to the Guild

To increase your reputation quickly, you can also give your ships (M4, M3 and M6 class only) and your credits to the Guild. Ships will be used as Pirate Guild assets (damaged ones will be repaired/refitted). Your credits will fund the local base. So using these options will have a direct impact on the Guild and it will allow you to increase the guild strength in the area.

AL Plugin Setup

This option will display the Setup Menu and alter your settings. However some of those settings will only be applied on ships and bases built after your changes.

Communication with Pirate Pilots

You can also use ECS with both Guild members and independent pirates. Available options will depend on your relationship to both factions and the situation. Pirate ships under attack may ask for help, others may provide targets and directions. Also, when under attack by independent pirate ships, you can pay them tribute to leave you alone.

If you communicate with a pirate who is under attack it will ask for your help and reward you if you manage to kill his attacker.

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