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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do X3:TC main plots while Pirate Guild is enabled?

This plugin is compatible with all game plots (tested on 2.7.1), but it may render some missions against the pirate faction harder if you're not careful enough. It may be advisable to disable the plugin while doing those missions.

I'm attacked by random bounty hunters constantly no matter my settings!

This is most likely because you're using the Bankrupt Assassin game-start. Those bounty hunters have nothing to do with Pirate Guild. They are spawned by the game. They will probably ruin your fun and your reputation with the pirates. It's advised to use another game start, or to use the custom Pirate Starts made by TEKing66.

I am new to this, what is the difference between a script, a mod and a plugin. How do they mix up?

A mod is a package that will add new (or change existing) ships, factories it may also alter the world (new map, factions, or game starts). Usually you can only have one at a time (however small mods can be used together, check the official board for that matter). Scripts are usually providing new services, software, commands or missions to the player. You can have several scripts running at the same time and you can usually use them in mods, too. Plugins are mostly like scripts and same rules apply.

PG is a rather big plugin, does all of this really work?

As a matter of fact, yes it does. Some bugs may be hard to catch because of its size and the amount of things to test over and over, but it's still very stable and reported bugs are usually corrected without (too much) delay. Pirate Guild won't “break” your game or your savegames. As soon as you disable to plugin in the AL Settings, old relations are restored, ships handled by the guild destroyed and the pirates are dumb again ;)

Can I use parts of your plugin in my own script or plugin and can I include it in my Mod ?

My X3:R scripts and X3:TC libraries are freely available, and can be included in any other non commercial, free, release as long as this documentation and proper credits are included. You can put Pirate Guild in such mod as long as compatibility issues are your concern, not mine.

Any chance seeing this plugin being signed ?

No, scripts that change the gameplay so deeply aren't accepted.

Where is the Camouflage Device / Signature Scramble software ?

There is none. There's no clean and efficient way to implement this in X3 to be honest.

I have spotted a bug, what should I do?

Report it ! If this is an AI, gameplay, or other non critical bug just give a detailed report about the issue and i will correct it as soon as possible. If you're reporting a game-crash bug you must give the following details: X3:TC version number, Pirate Guild version number, Pirate Guild settings used, complete list of installed of scripts/plugins/mods, enable the debug log and copy a least the last 30 lines of My Documents\Egosoft\X3TC\log08513.txt (the full log would be better), a basic description of your game (approx game length/amount of factory, plot done or not, anything special to notice).

Pointless posts like “It doesn't work!”, “It hangs!”, “i want a .spk” or non specific complaints about gameplay will be ignored. “Bumping” won't be tolerated. If I ignore your posts there's probably a very good reason why: as a matter of fact translation issues do not belong in this official topic but in your local script&modding board. Rants about the install / uninstall process belongs nowhere (get someone who basically understand how computers work).

I want to request a new feature!

Please understand that I'm doing this plugin for my own taste, and only for them. If i find that your feature is interesting and compatible with my current libs and coding i may add it. Don't think your suggestion is 'lame' because i ignore it. I have my own agenda, and its priority is higher than any 3rd party request ;)

I usually receive a bunch of PMs and emails from scripters who want to add new features to the pirate faction, so i guess a general answer to this kind of PM belongs here: You're free to add whatever feature you want to the Pirate faction, you do not need my permission to do so and asking won't prevent me from adding the very same feature a few weeks later if I find it useful :p But you should consider PG as a code base for new pirate related features. If you want to start from scratch, that's your choice, but it may be wiser to write it as a plugin for PG so that everyone can use your work without wondering about compatibility issues. If the script is interesting, I'll be very happy to include your work in the official release with the proper credits, of course.

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