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v1.6x Branch

AI Behaviors

  • Station racketing
  • Direct attack of stations should be reserved to enemy military stations (military bases mainly)
  • Bounty Hunter logic should be merged with pirate patrol logic


  • Isolated Fortresses in empty/unknown sectors should build additional pirate factories
  • Shipyard respawn method should favor pirate sectors with pirate bases over empty ones
  • Ships produced in PB should be less random to reduce the occurrence of otherwise rare/unique ships
  • Ships produced in a PB located in a sector owned by race X should mostly be of race X (around 60-70%)

Missions and Events

  • Escort a mob boss
  • Assist station racketing
  • Availability of the better ships in the pirate shipyards should be based on your PG guild ranking.


Current issue: stocks in pirate bases fades into oblivion, between “natural” (my ass) depletion of resources and the destruction of trade ships going to the pirate bases by.. pirate forces.. the wares never replenish when relying on the “dynamic” economy.

  • The independent traders i used for the X3R edition should come back to at least give the feeling that PB are actually trading.
  • TS raiding should provide wares to the station in addition to the money (like it was in X3R)
  • Until it's proved enough, a random quantity of a random ware should be periodically added to pirate stations.
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