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Factory Settings

This is the menu used to configure your own factories. To open it, select any of your factories and press the “Comms” key (default: E) or press the button in the left panel. You can also access it from the Asset List tab in the Empire Manager.

The first tab is the most important one, it allows you to rename the factory, set how many trading ships it will use and if you want it to replace lost ones automatically. More importantly this is where you can set at which price you want to sell your product and at which maximum price you want to buy the necessary resources. You can also forbid your factory from buying or selling wares to other factions here.

Using the two buttons at the bottom left, you can apply the factory's settings to all factories of the same type (it will copy prices and settings) or to all factories in general (it will only apply the settings).

You can also monitor incoming traffic.

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