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Ship Setup Menu

This menu is used to review, configure, and equip your ships. Select one (or many) of your ships and press the Scan [Q] key or the related button on the left panel to open it. To open your current ship's setup menu press [X].

Ship Settings

From this tab you can rename your ship, look at its settings and orders, pay its bounty if it has one and change its turret and friendly fire settings which are only relevant on your personal ship, automated ones will always use the most relevant one depending on the situation.

Friendly Fire Settings

  • No Avoidance: Bullets will hit everything and everyone
  • No Faction: Bullets won’t hit your own ships
  • Enemies Only: Bullets will only hit hostile ships.

To avoid constant switching, especially if you’re playing as a pirate, if you have another ship or station targeted in the radar, your bullets will hit it even if it’s not hostile (yet).

Combat Behavior

You can also set its combat behavior. It will control how the ship is moving during combat:

  • Long Range Combat: Ship will try to stay as far as its weaponry allow while fighting
  • Standard: Ship will move around his target
  • Ignore Hostiles: The ship won't move by itself when under attack (it will still shoot back), very useful when manually moving ships or setting up ambushes.


Here you can give the selected ship(s) a specific AI routine to execute.

AI Package

  • Military Fleet -The ship will automatically defend your territory. If the relevant manager is enabled, it can be picked to join the automated invasion fleet.
  • Police Ship - The ship will patrol the current sector and protect other ships against hostile and pirates. Incidentally they will also sometimes scan transports for illegal wares.
  • Scavenger - This ship will look for cargo pods (dropped by blown up ships) and sell them for a profit. This is a dangerous activity than may result in the ship getting blown up himself.
  • Asteroid Miner - The ship will mine asteroid and sell the loot to fuel your factories. If you have no dock needing the resources it will sell its hold to a 3rd party. It's a fairly safe module for any ship, beware of pirate raiders, though. Also be sure to equip the ship with mining lasers. You can set a specific mining area by setting a home sector for the ship.
  • Spacefly Hunter - The ship will hunt spaceflies and sell the loot for a profit. It doesn't provide as much income as mining, but it's very safe.
  • Raider - The ship will attack cargo ships, collecting and selling the loot if any.
  • Free Trader - The ship will buy low and sell high in the solar system his home sector is in.


This tab works exactly like the shipyard menu. It allows you to install and remove weapons and shield systems. You can double click equipment pieces to install/remove them. It also displays the statistics for the ship and each piece of weaponry it has in the cargo bay. Select, then right click an item to see detailed statistics.


Displays everything that is the cargo bay with the appropriate details. You can jettison it using the button, it will be ejected in a loot drop that can be picked up by another ship.


This tab is only displayed on carrier class ships. It shows all docked ships. You can right click a docked ship to open a popup menu that will allow you to undock the fighter or display its own setup menu.

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