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v1.08 - Stable
 (+) Added Russian support (thanks to ru4pt)
 (+) Destroyed targets gives more guild points
 (+) "Give base locations" will also give the location of bases under cover
 (*) Fixed : Rewards that were only given when the target is killed by the playership.
 (*) Fixed : Bug allowing the "Yaki Guild HQ" to give missions.

v1.06 - Stable
 (*) Fixed : Bug preventing the plugin from shutting down

v1.05 - Stable
 (+) XFP Mod specific improvements
 (+) Plugin should be enabled by default
 (+) Added a Guild HQ in Ocracoke's Storm
 (+) Each mobile base should focus on 2 races
 (*) Fixed : Wrong race for the main ship of an enemy fleet
 (*) Fixed : Mobile bases resupply too often
 (*) Fixed : Player is unable to deliver a special ware

v1.01 - Stable
 (*) Fixed : Debriefing displays some "null" texts if the mobile base has been destroyed.
 (*) Fixed : Yaki pilots asking for help when attacked by drones or LT
 (*) Fixed : No message in logbook for killed escort ships during assassination missions
 (*) Fixed : Player may loose a mission if he capture a ship instead of killing it
 (*) Fixed : Players without any credit were still able to buy ecells and salvages from the Armada
 (*) Minor corrections on signals and task usage
 (*) Minor modifications in textfiles

v1.00 - Release Candidate 2
 (*) Texfiles corrected
 (*) Corrected ECS that doesn't properly init itself

v1.00 - Release Candidate 1
 (+) Now use the ECS: Extended Communication System library
 (+) The player can now communicate with yaki fighters and bases
 (+) Guild system added
 (+) Missions for the player added (5 different kinds of mission)
 (+) Better behaviors of mobile bases
 (+) Increased usage of the covert state
 (+) Tweaking of the attack sequences
 (+) Player with a certain rank in the armada can buy and hire yaki ships
 (+) Mobile bases now check for an M2 before jumping to a sector
 (*) Corrected bug with undetected mobile bases (when on cover)
 (*) Reduced engine tunings of mobile base
 (*) Corrected a bug leading to the attack of allied/neutral races (player, pirates)
 (*) Docking of ships more secure
 (*) "Dead Ship" bug patched
 (*) Respawn rate of  mobile bases reduced
 (*) Engine tuning of mobile bases reduced
 (*) A *lot* of bugfixes

v0.91 - Beta Release
 (+) Code to auto update from a previous version added
 (*) Minor bug fixes

v0.9 - Second Beta Release
 (+) New weapon loadouts (new missiles, and Alpha/Beta PBE)
 (+) The mobile bases is able to hire Yaki ships in the Yaki owned sector
 (+) Yaki will be more agressive toward players that try to attack them. Still need works.
 (+) Minor fixes to protect the bases from the RRF plugin from LV
 (+) Better jump system (will also target player owned sectors if available)
 (*) Bug fixed : mobile base that stop any activity
 (*) Bug fixed : mobile base that try to kill itself by jumping in a Xenon or Khaak sector

v0.8 - Initial Beta Release
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