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Name Yaki Armada
Game X3 Reunion
Type AL Plugin
Version 1.08
Status Final


This AL Plugin will make the Yakis active (and smart) in the game.

It will spawn up to 5 Yaki owned Mobile Pirate Bases (TL) equipped with a jumpdrive and filled with Yaki M3, M4 and M5. Those TL have no weapons and are lightly shielded but they are very fast and can carry up to 15 Yaki fighters. Each TL will run a script that allows it to do various things as sending a squadron to attack a factory, a TS, a TL, or a defense ship. It can also flee (using its jumpdrive) or defend itself when attacked. The Yaki TL will also repair, rearm and refuel at any pirate base when needed, and a destroyed TL will respawn after a while.

The plugin also allow you to communicate with Yaki ships and Mobile Base using the ECS library. Helping yaki ships will give you money and good reputation with Yakis. The player is also able to join the Yaki Guild by contacting Yaki Mobiles Bases via ECS. If his reputation is high enough and have the required 50.000 credits. Once in the guild, Yaki ships will be friendlier and you'll gain access to new missions and various services from the Mobile Bases. By the way, each Mobile Base will focus its attacks against 2 specific races and ignore the others, allowing the player the stay friend with the other races.



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