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Yaki Guild System


The Yaki Guild System allow players that want to have a dangerous pirate's life to join the Yaki Armada. The goal of the player will be to follow and protect a mobile base, hunt bounties for this base and accept various missions in order to gain money, bonuses, and reputation in the Guild.

Joining the Armada

To join the Yaki Armada, you'll have to find a mobile base. Communicate with the pilot and ask to join. You'll need about 50.000 credits and a jumpdrive on your ship. You'll loose all your police licenses. Once you've joined the guild, comm with the mobile base again. You'll see various information about your rank in the guild. You'll also be able to ask for missions that will give you points and money, to refuel your ship in energy cells, and to ask for the location of all the mobile bases of the Yaki Armada. Moreover, as soon as you're in the guild, mobile bases will broadcast you their destination sector.


There's currently 6 different ranks in the guild. Each time you reach a new rank you'll gain a prize, unlock various services and get new kind of missions from the Guild. Yaki ships will also be more willing to help you. When you've enough experience points to reach a new rank, communicate with a mobile base to get a confirmation message.

  • Cannon Fodder (starting rank)
  • Rogue (2.000 exp. points)
  • Nomad (5.000 exp. points)
  • Warrior (10.000 exp. points)
  • Warlord (15.000 exp. points)
  • Clan Leader (30.000 exp. points)


Difficulty and payment of missions will increase at each new rank. Here's the current list of missions :

Assassination (all ranks)

You'll have to take care of a specific ship that is fleeing from a sector to another. You'll have to destroy it before it reaches its destination. The ship will be escorted, and the escort will attack you as soon as you arrive at destination.

Transport Valuable Cargo (all ranks)

This mission needs a Transporter Device and 1 space of cargo left to be available. You'll have to bring a special item to a station in a nearby sector in less than 10 minutes. If you're not allowed to dock at this station, you'll have to stop at less than 5km of the station for a few seconds, else you'll have to dock. You'll be ambushed by several ships.

Hunt Bounty (all ranks)

This mission doesn't need to be requested When a Mobile Base is in an enemy sector, it will sometimes send bounty against a specific ship in the current sector. You'll have to kill the target before the other yaki ships to gain the money and the exp. points. The bigger the target, the higher the bounty.

Escort VIP (rogue)

You will have to protect a VIP in a TP ship and escort him to a given pirate station. And some enemy ships will try to attack and destroy the VIP. The mission gives a nice amount of money and experience points, but it's also quite hard to defend the VIP from multiple enemies.

Weaken Defenses (warrior)

In this mission you'll have to destroy a given amount of military ships in an enemy sector in less than 30 minutes. The amount of ships will increase at each rank. You'll be paid for the destruction of each enemy military / police enemy ship and gain a bonus if you destroy enough.

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