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ADS Manager

A new menu/hotkey called ADS Manager has been added. It allows you to manage all your carriers and all your (military) docks : you can toggle ADS Automated Mode on/off, give direct orders, and monitor alerts. Moreover, this is a dynamic menu, data are refreshed in real-time, so you can monitor your carrier list for alerts while using SETA. This new hotkey is labeled “ADS: Manager”, it replaces an old and crappy “ads list” menu. If you are targeting one of your carrier or dock, compatible with ADS, then you'll get a menu to give orders to this object, otherwise you'll get a list of your compatible carriers and dock to choose from.

To access the ADS Manager, you'll have to use an hotkey you can set in the Controls, around the end of the interface page. So, if no ADS compatible asset is under your crosshair you will get something like this screen:

The two first menu options will toggle the list between ADS compatible stations and carriers. The Recent Events menu will show a list of the latest alerts triggered by your automated stations and carriers. General Settings allows you to set various default settings and to setup the Defense Grid. You can also reset all settings to default, and Uninstall the script from here.

Information is displayed in real-time. White ships aren't part of the Defense Grid, Green are members, Yellow ones have been called in as reinforcements. Carriers and stations have an additional indicator: It displays if the carrier is in automated mode or not and how many ships are used.

  • [auto|20] means that the automated carrier is not in battle and has 20 active ships.
  • [battle|14] means that the Automated carrier is in battle mode with 14 ships available
  • [manual|5] means that the carrier isn't using the Automated Mode and owns 5 ships.

Pressing [Esc] here will close the menu.

Selecting a ship or a station will open a command panel:

Command Panels

For Ships For Stations

Pressing [Esc] here will get you back to the previous list.

As you can see you can use the ADS Standard Commands on stations too. You can look at the stats of your ships, move them around, change patrol order. You can toggle on/off the automated mode, and grid membership and get access to their settings menu. For carriers and stations you can also show a sub menu displaying the current activity of ships owned by the selected carrier.

Defense Grid

Without ships With ships

You can monitor your sectors for enemies and toggle Defense Grid membership for your ships here.

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