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Name Pirate Guild 3
Game X3:TC, X3:AP
Type AL Plugin
Version 1.59
Status Final


Pirate Guild is an AL plugin giving life to the Pirate Faction, unlocking several new ways to play the game and allowing the player to work with or against the Pirate Guild. It also features an efficient and dynamic faction AI which is able to respond against threats and launch raids against specific targets. Pirate Bases will now be able to take defensive actions, like buying laser towers and M6 to protect themselves, or offensive actions like the raid of transport ships, sector invasions, destruction of military assets, and much more. They are also able to target the faction who dealt the most damages to them. The plugin also features a custom communication system allowing the player to talk to PG ships and stations, a news system to keep you posted with the latest pirate related events and various dynamic missions.

If you have the Anarkis Defense System plugin installed, Pirate Guild will use it to (very) efficiently defend its pirate bases.

Main Features

  • Pirate Bases (PB) buy and capture ships to build defences and raiding parties
  • When attacked pirate stations will respond with lethal forces
  • The Guild will favor attacking the race which deals the most damage to it
  • Lasertower and M6 deployement for PB defence purpose
  • Ability for the player to befriend the pirate faction and the Guild
  • Two Pirate Shipyards are spawned in the universe
  • Mobile Guild HQ attacking enemy sectors and rearming at the PB (Galleon M1)
  • Ability for the Guild to buy a Brigantine M2 to defend its stations
  • PB selling / buying more goods (weaponry, software, shielding)
  • Pirate Guild ships are using the jumpdrive to travel
  • Ability for the plugin to use custom ships and weaponry (from mods)
  • The player gain additional money for the destruction of pirate guild's assets
  • Pirate economic system (raids give money used to buy ships / defences)
  • Setup menu allowing to select the Guild's strength
  • Comm. with the PB through a hotkey allowing to access various services
  • Dynamic Defense System with endangered PB calling patroling M7 for help




1) Translated in English, French, German, Italian and Polish. Additional Language Files are more than welcome.

2) Included in the SuperBox package from Egosoft.

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